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If you have been placed under arrest on drug trafficking charges by state law enforcement or believe you may be under investigation, you face some of the strictest criminal penalties in the country. Likewise, if you are under arrest or investigation by federal law enforcement, including the DEA, ATF, or FBI, you are up against some of the nation’s toughest prosecutors with the full force of the federal government behind them. Regardless of whether you face state or federal drug trafficking charges in Oklahoma, you need a criminal defense attorney with the experience and toughness to pursue every legal strategy to fight the charges against you. Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney Patrick Quillian is a former district attorney with the skills and dedication to protect your rights and defend your freedom against all drug trafficking charges.

Oklahoma Drug Trafficking Penalties

Under Oklahoma’s Trafficking in Illegal Drugs Act, distributing, manufacturing, or just simply possessing a certain amount of illegal drugs can lead to an arrest and potential conviction for drug trafficking. The specified amounts to meet the standard for drug trafficking are:

  • Marijuana: 25 pounds
  • Cocaine: 28 grams
  • Heroin: 10 grams
  • Amphetamine/Methamphetamine: 20 grams
  • LSD: 50 doses
  • PCP: 1 ounce
  • Cocaine base (crack): 5 grams

A first conviction under the Trafficking Illegal Drugs Act can bring with it a fine of between $25,000 on up to $500,000 (depending on the amount of drugs possessed) as well as a minimum prison sentence of between 2 and 10 years, with a potential maximum of life in prison.


If federal charges are brought against you for drug trafficking, you will also face significant penalties including high fines and lengthy prison sentences. State and federal authorities can also bring successful conspiracy charges for merely forming an agreement to commit drug trafficking and taking steps to do so.


Get Legal Help at the First Sign of an Investigation

Because the stakes for a state or federal drug trafficking are so high, you should not hesitate to work with an aggressive criminal defense attorney at the first sign of an investigation. You should never speak to law enforcement in a drug trafficking investigation without having your rights protected through the presence of a criminal defense attorney who represents your interests and has the experience and skills to defend your rights.

As a former Oklahoma district attorney, Patrick Quillian knows how drug trafficking investigations are developed and prosecuted and he will use that knowledge to pursue every legal strategy on your behalf to defend your rights in a drug trafficking investigation and/or prosecution to win a reduced sentence or have your charges dropped altogether.

Tough Criminal Defense to Fight Drug Trafficking Charges

Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney Patrick Quillian has the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to fight your drug trafficking charges and work towards a closed investigation, dismissal of charges, not guilty verdict, or other favorable outcome. Contact the office of J. Patrick Quillian, Attorney at Law, today at 405.294.4448 to schedule a free consultation to see what his criminal defense team can do for you.