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Embezzlement is a serious white-collar criminal charge that is often brought against individuals who may have felt that they were not doing anything violating criminal laws, and such individuals can do themselves a grave disservice by attempting to defend themselves against state or federal investigators and prosecutors, which often just results in them implicating themselves. Embezzlement – which essentially means using another person’s property in your custody for your own unauthorized purposes – can mean tens of thousands of dollars in fines as well as years in a state or federal prison, not to mention a loss of your personal and professional reputation.


If you are currently facing an embezzlement charge or investigation – including a company internal investigation – contact the office of J. Patrick Quillian, Attorney at Law in Oklahoma City to make sure you are getting the best possible criminal defense to defend your rights, your reputation, and your future.

Circumstances Where Prosecutors Can Bring Embezzlement Charges

Under Oklahoma law, the crime of embezzlement is essentially defined as, “…the fraudulent appropriation of property of any person or legal entity, legally obtained, to any use or purpose not intended or authorized by its owner, or the secretion of the property with the fraudulent intent to appropriate it to such use or purpose…”


Note that there is no requirement that a criminal defendant actually have taken and/or retained the property for himself, and any use or purpose of the property that is unauthorized or not intended by the owner is enough to sustain a criminal embezzlement charge. Such situations could include where:

  • A financial advisor misuses a client’s funds

  • A trustee retains property without authorization

  • A person holding a power of attorney conducts unauthorized transactions

  • An employee uses company property for his own purposes without permission

The criminal penalties and fines applicable in Oklahoma vary based on the amount embezzled, with defendants facing up to ten years in prison and $10,000 in fines (on top of full restitution to the victim) where the amount embezzled is $25,000 or more.

Protect Your Rights in All Embezzlement Investigations

If you are facing an investigation for embezzlement – either from government agents such as police or tax authorities, or an internal investigation conducted by an organization or its outside lawyers – it is critical that you do everything possible to defend your rights and your interests, whether you have reason to believe you are guilty of state or federal embezzlement charges or not.


You have the right to refuse to speak with any government or private investigators and to have your own defense counsel at your side during all questioning. When you contact one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys, we will take aggressive and immediate action to assess your situation, evaluate your potential liability and best options and strategies for your defense, and take decisive steps to protect your interests, including speaking to all investigators and prosecutors on your behalf.

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