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Money laundering investigations have long been a primary strategy that federal and state law enforcement agencies – including the FBI, DOJ, IRS, SEC, DEA, and state Attorneys’ General offices – have used to go after criminal activity. “Follow the money” is a tried-and-true way of pursuing criminal targets in the white collar, narcotics, terrorism, and all other types of criminal arenas. And, in following that money, criminal investigators and prosecutors often target other individuals who may have had no or only limited knowledge or suspicion of criminal activity – such as financial advisors, bankers, brokers, business partners, art dealers, auction houses, high-end retailers, investors, trustees, company directors and officers, etc. – but who nevertheless face criminal investigations and prosecutions, with the possibility of decades in federal or state prison.
If you suspect you are targeted or may soon be targeted in a money laundering investigation, retain sophisticated criminal defense counsel immediately. At the office of J. Patrick Quillian, Attorney at Law, in Oklahoma City, our attorneys provide aggressive criminal defense to all parties in facing money laundering charges and investigations.

How Money Laundering Laws Target Third Parties

Under federal money laundering laws, it is illegal to conduct financial transactions which have the purpose of concealing the nature, source, or proceeds of money derived from illegal activity. These federal laws are very wide in their scope – essentially covering all “illegal activity” – and thus money laundering criminal charges can arise from an infinite variety of efforts to conduct financial transactions to conceal funds from criminal activity, such as using criminal funds to:

  • Invest in a business
  • Invest in securities offerings
  • Purchase goods and services, such as art
  • Flow through a cash-heavy business

It is important to understand that, to be criminally charged with money laundering, there is no requirement that a person have had any involvement in the underlying criminal activity that was the source of the funds.
Furthermore, under the criminal law concepts of aiding and abetting, solicitation, accomplice liability, attempt, and conspiracy, individuals can be charged with money laundering crimes for merely assisting another person in entering into such a financial transaction, attempting to enter into such a transaction, or simply agreeing to do so.
Finally, the law does not require that a person have specific or exact knowledge of the underlying criminal activity and can attribute so-called “willful blindness” to a person if there was evidence of potential criminal activity.
Do Not Speak to Anyone Without Speaking to an Attorney First
Given the high stakes involved in a money laundering investigation and the many criminal law tools investigators and prosecutors have at their disposal in going after anyone connected to money laundering, it is critical therefore that you do not speak to anyone about facts related to any potential money laundering issues until you have a confidential consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will represent your interests and your interests alone.
Under the U.S. Constitution, you have the right to:1) refuse to speak to any law enforcement agents (including police and federal agents) about any issue; and 2) to demand that you have a lawyer present for any and all questioning by law enforcement, regardless of whether you have been placed in custody or charged with a crime.
When you speak with the criminal defense attorneys at the office of J. Patrick Quillian, Attorney at Law, we will immediately step into action to do everything possible to defend your interests in all money laundering investigations, including speaking to law enforcement on your behalf, collecting all evidence in your favor, assessing your best legal options and strategies, and aggressively working towards your best outcome.

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  • Wire Fraud
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A white collar crime charge can destroy your professional reputation and conviction can obliterate your employment opportunities in your chosen career path. Attorney J. Patrick Quillian understands that your criminal charge has not only present and immediate ramifications but implications for your future as well. He is committed to the protection of defendants’ rights and will work diligently to bring your case to its optimum outcome.