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Perhaps no other criminal charge is subject to the immediate stigma and perceived guilt of an accusation of a sex crime. Though it is a defendant’s right to be considered innocent unless and until proven guilty, people accused of sex crimes often face immediate public suspicion and violation of their rights. An Oklahoma City sex crime defense lawyer is a valuable asset in making sure the defendant’s liberties and reputation are protect throughout the entire criminal justice process—from the initial investigations through criminal trial, if necessary.

Oklahoma City sex crimes attorney Patrick Quillian has successfully protected the rights and freedoms of Oklahomans accused of sex offenses. He is committed to upholding your Constitutional rights while diligently pursuing your defense against criminal charges.

Oklahoma sex crimes carry significant legal penalties and consequences and restrictions that can accompany you for life. In addition to prolonged prison sentences, those convicted of sex crimes in Oklahoma often face mandatory registration as an Oklahoma Sex Offender—in many cases, they are required to register for life. This penalty forces the defendant to carry the burden and stigma of his or her conviction long after the prison sentence is complete. For many, it is the most damaging consequence of a sex crime conviction.

Protect yourself from wrongful conviction or minimize the consequences of a sex crime conviction by hiring an experienced Oklahoma City sex offender defense lawyer who understands what is at stake for you, and who has the knowledge and skill to successfully represent you in court.

Oklahoma City Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Practice Areas

As a seasoned and well-qualified Oklahoma sex crimes lawyer, attorney Patrick Quillian offers thorough defense to those charged with a variety of sex offenses in Oklahoma. He treats his clients with dignity and compassion for their difficult circumstance while carefully scrutinizing all details of the alleged offense and any investigation to unveil the best avenues for defense.

Patrick Quillian provides quality defense against state and Federal sex offenses including:

  • Internet Sex Crimes and Computer Sex Crimes: online solicitation of a minor, sexting, possession or distribution of child pornography

  • Indecent or Lewd Acts with a Minor: child molestation, child sexual abuse, fondling or touching a minor in a sexual manner

  • Statutory Rape: sexual intercourse with a person legally unable to consent due to age, mental defect, or custodial position

  • Rape: first degree rape, second degree rape, rape by instrumentation; non-consensual sex perpetrated through threat, force, violence, or intoxicants or against a victim who is unable to give legal consent

  • Sexual Battery: unwanted or non-consensual touching of another person’s body or genitals for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator

  • Indecent exposure: the deliberate display of one’s genitals or private body parts in a lewd manner; public intercourse, public masturbation, and flashing

If you or a loved one has been accused of a sex offense or charged with a sex crime in Oklahoma City, it is imperative that you act quickly to protect your rights, your reputation, and your family. Seek immediate representation from an Oklahoma City sex crime defense attorney.