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Numerous Oklahoma state and federal laws apply to a wide variety of criminal acts broadly classified under identity theft, and state and federal investigators and prosecutors are pouring ever increasing resources into going after individuals and companies that may or may not be connected to identity theft crimes. It is easy for otherwise law-abiding people and businesses to find themselves the targets of criminal identity theft investigations – often for allegedly facilitating another’s identity theft actions – whether they were aware of criminal activity or not. Regardless of whether you are under investigation or charged as an identity thief or an accomplice (unwitting or otherwise), it is imperative to do everything you can to avoid steep criminal fines and jail sentences.  

White collar defense lawyer Patrick Quillian provides comprehensive criminal defense counsel to those under investigation and/or facing state or federal criminal charges for identity theft crimes in and around Oklahoma City.

Defense in all Oklahoma and Federal Identity Theft Crimes

Prosecutors and investigators have sophisticated means of compiling evidence in identity theft crimes, and will often target those parties at the periphery of alleged identity theft crimes first, including retailers, financial service workers, small businesses, and even those who may themselves be victims of identity theft.

By working with the white collar criminal defense team at the office of J. Patrick Quillian, we can take charge of the situation by fully assessing and untangling the facts, defending your state and federal constitutional rights in all communications with government agents, and presenting your best defense to all identity theft allegations and charges, including:

  • Fraudulently obtaining personal identity information of others
  • Obtaining personal, financial or other information of another from a financial institution
  • Creating false applications for credit or other financial services
  • Using another person’s credit card or credit card information
  • Illegal production of identity cards or certificates
  • Procuring or offering false or forged information
  • Forgery and defacing identification cards

Again, under accomplice and conspiracy laws, third parties may be prosecuted for merely assisting, encouraging, or agreeing to help another in an identity theft crime, whether they understood the action to be illegal or not. Thus, it is critical to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney at the first sign of an investigation to protect your rights and defend your interests.  

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