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Navigating the system to get the benefits you deserve

Social security benefits include benefits for people (including children) with a disability, who have little income or few resources and who are eligible for disability payments through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, as well as benefits to those who have retired, survivors of workers who have died, and dependents of beneficiaries.

These benefits are generated by the 167 million people working in the United States who pay social security taxes through their employment. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the need for social security benefits reaches almost every American family and touches the lives of all Americans at some point; there are approximately 59 million people receiving social security benefits in 2015.


Hiring an attorney for representation related to social security benefits can be very helpful. An attorney can handle tasks such as:

  • Requesting information from a social security file

  • Requesting private medical records that may support a claim for receiving social security benefits

  • Attending an interview, hearings,or conferences for you and/or with you

  • Requesting hearings or appeal reviews on your behalf

  • Preparing any witnesses who may be called to testify.

Initial Application

Oftentimes, a social security claim will be denied because incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate paperwork has been filed. A skilled attorney can help you avoid this situation. Government forms can be voluminous and complex, but an experienced attorney can help you complete and submit them with relative ease.

Administrative Hearings

Many people do not know how to prepare for an administrative hearing, such as those before the SSA. With a social security attorney representative, you will be prepared for how to testify and what to expect at the hearing.

Appeals Council Review

Should your claim for social security benefits be denied, an appellate review will be even more complex than the initial filing process. There are specific rules, regulations, procedures, and timelines to adhere to, which will be best handled by a knowledgeable social security attorney.

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